Our Prinex App offers those companies which operate in the property assets sector the necessary tools to obtain numerous competitive advantages such as the following:

  • Delete Management Costs
  • Keep economic control over construction
  • Analyze cost differences
  • Reduce Real Estate sales cycle

In the property asset market, an ERP solution is not a luxury only for the most cutting-edge companies, but rather it has become a necessity in order to compete in the real estate business.

  • Obtain multiple settable reports in real-time
  • Access information from all areas of the company
  • Post information from our ERP in the company website
  • Scalability, it supports a wide range of settings (from single-user to widespread geographic networks with databases).
  • Special settings for Prinex:

    PRINEX-Remote Access. Apps server CITRIX, for running the program from any device.

    PRINEX-ASP Prinex. Operates on an internet platform in this hosting.

PRINEX is set up in each company with the modules and areas necessary to meet the business’s specific management needs.

Prinex is a scalable and modular, so it allows you to integrate technology progressively, enabling you to add on modules as your company’s needs grow.

  • Windows under client.server architecture (Optional server – LINUX/UNIX)
  • Multi-users, with a support for local and remote settings.
  • Database Manager: Oracle and J-Cosmos. Full integration with MS-Office (Excel & Word)


Unique module for Property Asset Managers.

Facilitates monitoring and decision making

Maintaining & Account Mngmt.

Makes the most of data for strategic reasons.

Management Solutions for all types of projects.

Allows for Prinex to be customized

Parameterization according to CNMV criteria



Inventory and Control

This module allows you to obtain an overall vision of the current situation of each and every property assets being managed by your Company at the moment.


This land and property module is designed with a control system of listings for the acquisition of land to be managed by the developer. Each property is registered…

Troubleshooting and Checking

Allows detecting any type of anomaly in a real estate product managed, and tracks each and every step until it is closed.

Improvements and Expansion

Enables you with the possibility of incorporating into the sale of an asset, renovation budgets o changes to be made to the listing.


Accounts Payable

This module records invoices and other billing-related documents from suppliers and creditors and it manages payment commitments.

Money Management

This module is aimed at obtaining the liquid assets position via collection and payment forecasts; it regards liquid assets as…

Accounts Receivable

This module records invoices and other billing-related documents from suppliers and creditors and it manages payment commitments.


This module records invoices and other billing-related documents from suppliers and creditors and it manages payment commitments and dues.

Orders and Stock

This module offers all the management mechanisms necessary to control all operations related to stock and storage:

Sources of Financing

Facilitates the control, monitoring and tracking of different sources, from which you can obtain funds to finance different projects.


Dashboards Provides administrative management for compensation and co-op systems. You start with an existing distribution project…

Current Expenses

Allows the possibility of recurring payments from Real Estate Assets , including the repayment schedule. Automation both…

Electronic Invoice (eFactura)

Prinex Real Estate newest version incorporates this module in the PRINEX application , valid for invoices issued to the Central…



Collects and makes use of data of potential clients, keeping a settable contact details file for each user. Through the use of…


Contains specific procedures about real estate business. It is structured around two elemental levels (development and…


Calculates sales commissions, both own and for third-parties. Use tables and spreadsheets to calculate the amount or…


Runs the rentals section of a company’s assets

Commercial Bids

Approval flow of commercial bids for both sales and renting.

Money Laundering

Managing money laundering regulations. Alarm Setting, Lock Operations. Information to control bodies.


Budget Tracking

Carries out an analytical tracking of the progress of projects, both in terms of costs and expenses, as well as sales and income.

Viability Reports

This module makes it possible to obtain a comprehensive viability analysis and a detailed economic and financial study of a…


Makes use of the several sources of information available on Prinex and turns it quickly and efficiently into…


Client Certification

This module manages the sales aspect of the construction. Certification is issued based on the progress of the quantity takeoff…

Budgets and Quantity Takeoffs

This module structures the construction through the declaration of its elements and the…

Construction Work

In this module tasks are carried out to track the progress of work in progress, the information the progress of the units…

Production and Consumption

This module monitors progress from Work Units (measurements of execution).

Bids and Contracts

The module manages the contracting of suppliers for the construction project. You can freely define the packages of hiring and…

Workforce and Equipment

This module carries out the management, tracking, control, and costs and income of the machines owned by the construction Company…

Warehouses and Articles

Solves central purchasing management so that supplies can enter central warehouses…


Real Estate Funds

Automatically reports issues to the National Market Securities Commission (CNMV) in accordance with the regulations…

Bank of Spain Statement

Records data required by the Bank of Spain under the law 8/2012. Settings about the assets in accordance with the specifications…

CNMV Reports

National Market Securities Commission (CNMV) Reports. Automatically reports issues in accordance with the regulations…

Sareb Manager

Company for the Management of Assets proceeding from Restructuring of the Banking System (SAREB) Management. Link to…



This multi-language extension allows for screens and reports to be given in different languages depending on the user.

External Systems Link

Facilitates the dialog between the standard applications of the market allowing for the importing and exporting of related management…


Corporate solution aimed at workflow, allowing your company’s numerous and complex business processes to be standardized.


Allows for Prinex to be customized so that it meets the needs of each installation.

Project Planning

This Project Planning module handles an essential aspect of management within the real estate world.

Document Support

Provides the system with a support that allows Prinex management data to be associated…

Mobile Devices

Enables you to record and resolve damage issues, making it possible for technical inspections to be made…

SMS Text Messaging

The spread of mobile phones and text messaging have turned these devices into powerful tools of communication.

The architecture under which Prinex Works is that of a client-server (by way of protocol TCP/IP). The system runs on a multi-user mode and supports accesses both local and remote. The recommended base software is W2003 32 bits and Office 2003.

Databases can be run with Oracle 9i (or higher), or with CT5GL (database included in the Runtime).

  • Pentium Xeon Quad Core
  • SAS Hard drive
  • Network Card: 100 Mbits
  • Windows 2003 Server (c)

PRINEX is compatible with the SBC platforms (Terminal Server or Citrix Metaframe). For installations with remote connections, this technology for the aforementioned accesses to the system.

The following are the minimum technical requirements in the system:

  • Pentium IV 1 Ghz (RAM: 1Gb )
  • Network Card: 100 Mbits
  • Windows XP Professional
  • Office 2000 (b)