Complying with the Spanish Law

The LOPD is compulsory for all businesses which use or possess databases or files, both on paper or magnetically, which contain personal information either about employees, customers, or suppliers (people), and it requires companies, institutions, professionals and, in general, people who handle this data, to comply with a series of legal obligations.


Adapting new realities

Using a consultancy specialized in organization management will provide an effective tool for combating this challenge. Relying on our support, collaboration and advice from our team of experts, both experienced and specialized in normalization, standarization and improving operating processes needed to integrate your real estate business. This means a chance to improve your company as a whole.

An analysis by the Auditing and Consultancy Division of the Grupo Shebel permits you to:

– Study both internal communication procedures and decision-making protocol.
– Center your analysis on internal and external customer satisfaction. Center the analysis on both external and internal project client satisfaction.

– Consider the quality and efficiency of each process as a whole, from beginning to end.
– Enhance your daily activity performance.
– Troubleshooting & Resolution.


Customer Satisfaction

Ample experience in the design and development of high-quality management software means using technical consulting as a basis for system implementation, certification and the application of ISO regulation 9001, as well as on-site training and contributing assistance in managing the transition stage.

Shebel offers the following services:

– Design and implementation of high quality management software in accordance with ISO regulation 9001:2008 and other sector regulations.
– Assistance in establishing and improving annual tracking reports: setting goals, progress reports, process tracking, systems check, etc.

– Internal audits in preparation of official certified audit.
– Systems Maintenance.
– Integration of Quality Control with other management systems ISO 14001:2004, Regalement EMAS II, OHSAS 18001:2007, etc.


Adapting to the Law

The basic aim of our collaboration is to adapt your business to the necessary requirements to prevent money laundering. This measure is done by comparing your current situation with the existing laws and regulations and existing practices, and adjusting them the best practices in the market and the recommendations made by SEPBLAC (Spain’s Financial Intelligence Unit).


– Create, as required by law, relevant positions regarding these money laundering.

– Check and study existing internal measures of control.

– Adapt, based on the results of the previous point, the organization so that its procedures adhere to the requirements of the law.

– Train employees about the signs and dangers of operations that raise suspicions of laundering and financial terrorism.

– Report to the appropriate authorities the detection of any possible activities concerning the buying, using, conversion or transfer of goods which might indicate the existence of money laundering.


According to Article 28 of Spanish Law, internal control measures must be subjected to an annual inspection by an independent expert.

These audits must be performed by licensed professional experts with professional experience and who must be registered in the Executive Service for the Prevention of Money Laundering (SEPBLAC), Spain’s Financial Intelligence Unit.

We provide only qualified personnel to carry out these audits.

The report from the audit complies with the requirements established by the Law EHA/2444/2007 dated July 31, and gives a detailed description of the steps that have been taken during the audit, provides an assessment, and proposes, if necessary, changes and improvements.