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Common Tools

Allows for total integration with external applications, defining,
standardising and managing workflows, and complete data

Want to know what Prinex can bring to your organisation?


  • Set-up

Prinex can be customised to the needs of each specific installation.


Its functionalities include setting up automatic book entries (coming from management modules), collection/payment documents, master tables, etc. In addition, it has tools for defining the security of user access to the processes and/or the information of their geographic environment.


  • Maintenance of common entities (companies, projects, third parties, auxiliary tables, etc.)
  • Options for setting up and parametrising all the modules of the application.
  • Security procedures according to processes, profiles and users.
  • Single sign on with your Windows login name (auto login on Prinex without password)


  • Documentary Support

Provides the system with a support to associate the Prinex management data with any kind of external object: scanned images and documents, plans, photos, videos, etc.


The associated objects form part of the system’s primary information and they can be queried together with it from any process of the application. (Developments, properties, invoices, offers, lease agreements, sales transactions, etc.).

Mass document uploads and downloads using the Documentary Support module.


  • WorkFlow

A corporate solution for managing workflows to enable your organisation to standardise numerous complex business processes.


It consists of specific circuits for receiving invoices and monitoring projects, aftersales, etc. It can generate automatic notices from the system and circuit of approval of transactions, payments, etc. In combination with the documentary support module, it is possible to associate documents with the work cycles.


  • Definition of different work circuits.
  • Validation of invoices.
  • Aftersales incident monitoring.
  • Management of deeds, etc.
  • Circuits customisable by the user.
  • Management of sales transactions
  • Management of lease transactions
  • Management of appraisals
  • Management of assets
  • Management of developments.
  • System of notices and validation by digital conformance.


  • Link to External Systems

Facilitates dialog with other standard applications in the market, allowing accounting journals and related management data to be imported and exported.


The module of Links to External Systems allows multi-activity developers to have other specific business apps and use the management side of Prinex (management modules) as a common back office to all the business lines (economic/financial modules):


  • Incorporation of properties, rates, commonhold data, etc., from a spreadsheet.
  • Import/export of accounting, invoices, budgets, third parties, etc.
  • Import of construction project costs.
  • Import of rent invoicing plans
  • Import of rent agreements
  • Registration of assets and developments
  • Registration of contacts and actions.
  • Registration of invoices received and issued
  • Import and export of Documentary Support.


  • Multi-Language

With the Multi-Language extension, the screens and reports of the application can be shown in other languages, depending on the user who is connected.


This module makes it possible for users operating in different languages (English, Portuguese, Catalan) to coexist on the same installation.


  • SMS Messages

Messages can be created and sent to mobile devices from various points of the application.


With this module, the company has a direct channel to communicate with its customers or suppliers. This product is marketed through the PAYG packages system that includes a limited number of messages.


  • Take-up and closure of incidents with access under a range of selection criteria.
  • Pre-set incident tables.
  • Synchronization of data between PRINEX and mobile devices.
  • Reports that can be exported to Excel.


  • Process Planning

This module lets you set up the unattended running of certain processes.


It is designed for mass exports or links to other systems as recurring processes. Some of the most frequent planned processes are based on the generation and export of reports, and the generation and sending of transaction disclosure requirement files to the tax authority or postings on property portals.

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  • Cuentas a Cobrar
  • Solicitud de Compras
  • Pedidos y Compras
  • Cuentas a Pagar
  • Contabilidad
  • Fuentes de Financiación
  • Tesorería
  • Juntas de Compensación
  • Gastos Corrientes
  • E-Factura

Gestión Comercial

  • CRM
  • Publicación de Productos
  • Propuestas Comerciales
  • Ventas
  • Arrendamientos
  • Blanqueo de Capitales
  • Comisiones

Activos inmobiliarios

  • Inventario y Control
  • Suelo
  • Incidencias y repasos
  • Mejoras y Ampliaciones


  • Estudios de viabilidad
  • Seguimiento del presupuesto
  • Cuadro de mando
  • Inteligencia del negocio

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We now have over 1.600 companies  and over 10.000 users who have put their trust in our solutions to optimise their management and productivity

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