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Comprehensive solution for management and control of construction
companies, forming part of Prinex’s total solution.

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  • Budgets and Measurements

Setup of the construction project structure by stating its elements and the relationships between them. Integrated with Presto.


The project is visualised as a tree with a hierarchical structure and there is no limit to the depth of the tree or the number of relationships between the elements. It can operate independently (classic construction company role) or it can be integrated with other areas, such as development budget monitoring (for the case of users that are developers and construction companies).

Each project may have an unlimited number of versions, making it possible to go beyond the typical structures based on rigid, pre-set arrangements: sales, target, execution and certification.


  • Master project file.
  • Unlimited number of project versions.
  • Two-way communication with Presto for importing and exporting budgets.
  • Comparison between budgets.
  • Budget planning.


  • Offers and Purchases

This module is for managing purchases with suppliers that are going to be providing the project with supplies.


Purchasing packages can be defined without limitations, combining the elements that form part of the project for the proposals request.


  • Management of purchasing packages (comparisons)
  • Importing of proposals.
  • Proposal approval flow.
  • Creation, printing and maintenance of contracts.
  • Generation of orders
  • Evaluation of suppliers.


  • Execution

This module allows you to attribute costs to the project.


The attribution of costs to the project is based on the receipt of delivery notes, the issuance of pro forma invoices and the receipt of invoices. In addition, the module makes it possible to link delivery notes and pro forma invoices with the relevant invoices, all of which can be linked to the contracts previously generated from the Proposals and Purchases module. The module also allows you to draw up orders and automatically generate pro forma invoices based on the measurements generated in the system.



  • Production and Consumption

Monitors the progress of the Project Units (execution measurements).


With the Production and Consumption module, you can see a breakdown of the consumption of elements so that you can control the materials entering the project and the consumption of these independently.



  • Labour and Machinery

Management, monitoring, control and attribution of expenses and earnings of machinery owned by the construction company, and of the workers on the payroll.


Proprietary production resources are entities with specific characteristics and they can be attributed to any of the projects under construction, with a detailed profit and loss account. The module handles different types of report and compiles the related information from the other areas of the system (amortisations, expenses, payroll attributions, etc.).

  • Master list of employees, machinery and workshops.
  • On-site activity reports.
  • Profit and loss account.
  • Attributions of automatic expenses and revenues.
  • Attributions regarding budgets.
  • Statistics of control and monitoring with multiple selection and aggregation levels.



  • Warehouses and Articles

Management of supplies through Purchasing Centres


Manage purchasing centres so that supplies can be admitted to central warehouses which then distribute material to the individual projects, using delivery receipts and internal transferral.



  • Client certifications

This module handles the invoicing of the project awarded.


Certifications are issued based on the progress of the measurement in each period of time. These may be specific advances or those based on the measurement of other versions of the project (planned, actual execution). It distinguishes between a tendering budget and award with relevant adjustment percentages. The certification issued links directly with the administrative modules of the system so that it becomes a document with deferred tax accrual where debt collection is handled according to the conditions set with the client.


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Prinex Apps

  • Prinex Analytics
  • Prinex WorkFlow
  • Prinex SIC
  • Prinex Posventa
  • Prinex Personalizaciones
  • Prinex Catalógo Interactivo
  • Prinex Portal del Proveedor

Económico Financiera

  • Cuentas a Cobrar
  • Solicitud de Compras
  • Pedidos y Compras
  • Cuentas a Pagar
  • Contabilidad
  • Fuentes de Financiación
  • Tesorería
  • Juntas de Compensación
  • Gastos Corrientes
  • e-factura

Gestión Comercial

  • CRM
  • Publicación de Productos
  • Propuestas Comerciales
  • Ventas
  • Arrendamientos
  • Blanqueo de Capitales
  • Comisiones
  • Red Comercial (e-Ventas)


  • Estudios de Viabilidad
  • Seguimiento Presupuestario
  • Cuadro de Mando
  • Inteligencia de Negocio

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