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Prinex Real Estate is the most advanced property management solution on the market, and is already used by more than 1,600 business and over 10,000 users nationally and internationally.

This demo video provides a highly practical demonstration of how Prinex Real Estate can help optimise the management and processes of your organisation. You can also become acquainted with Prinex Analytics, the new dashboard based on Microsoft Power BI, which is incorporated with the now complete functional structure of Prinex Real Estate.


Prinex APPS is the tech platform that adds more value to your Prinex property management solution.

This video shows you, in a thoroughly practical way, solutions and applications designed to optimise the processes and decision-making of property companies to enhance their productivity and give them a competitive edge.



Prinex is ERP software with a specific Construction area you can use to efficiently manage the project of your construction company. Prinex is ready-made to control budgets and measurements. It can manage contracting with suppliers, as well as warehouses, labour and machinery.


Prinex NAV is the property management solution developed by Prinex based on Microsoft Dynamics NAV (Navision), the most advanced Enterprise Management solution on the market.

Prinex NAV is scaleable, completely modular and covers all the needs of the different areas of your property business (financial, technical, commercial, etc.), regardless of its volume, activity or geographic location.

This extremely practical demo video shows how Prinex NAV can help optimise the management and processes of your organisation.


With the Leases module, you can control the company’s entire assets from Prinex. The module’s many features include automatic invoice generation for rented properties, management of rent collection, and even registration of those agreements with a purchase option clause.


Prinex is ERP software that enables property developers, construction companies, estate agents and property investment companies to manage all their business’ accounting and finances from a single platform.

In this special demo for financial directors, you will discover the functionalities of the most powerful enterprise management solution on the market that is tailored to the property sector.


With the Incidents and Reviews module, you can collect any type of anomaly found in the managed property asset and monitor each incident through to closure.

Incidents can be classified according to the work involved (building, plumbing, etc.), along with other factors such as urgency, repetition of the incident, etc. With the data collected, the system issues the job sheet for the repair. Also, to provide information about quality levels of deliveries, it offers statistics of the volume of incidents and resolution times, all with various classification criteria.

In combination with the Prinex WorkFlow module, it is possible to define monitoring circuits to control the status of incidents.


The CRM or contacts management module can acquire and work with data of potential customers, maintaining a contact card that the user is able to configure. Different grading criteria can be used to obtain statistics on advertising impacts, demand type, etc., and other marketing activities.

This module covers the complete management of the marketing circuit for properties: pre-reservations, reservations and sales, along with issuing the respective documents.


The Budgetary Monitoring module offers analytic monitoring of the progress of projects, in terms of costs and expenses, as well as sales and revenues.


The Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing module will enable us to control and detect potentially suspicious transactions, using configurable rules of control.


The Prinex Appraisals module lets us manage all the information on appraisals by giving access to the history of each them.


This module facilitates dialog with other standard applications in the market, allowing accounting journals and related management data (third parties, invoices, etc.) to be imported and exported. It also contains tools for importing cost information from construction control apps such as Presto or Preyme-V.

The module of Links to External Systems allows multi-activity developers to have other specific business apps and use the management side of Prinex as a common back office to all the business lines.


WorkFlow is a corporate solution with which you will be able to standardise numerous complex business processes.

It consists of specific circuits for receiving invoices and monitoring projects, aftersales, etc., and can generate automatic notices from the system and circuit of approval of transactions, payments, etc. Also, in combination with the documentary support module, it is possible to associate documents with the work cycles.

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