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Facilitates business decision-making through analytical monitoring,
feasibility studies, economic/financial studies and dashboards, by
converting them into actual knowledge.

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  • Feasibility studies

Obtain a complete feasibility analysis and a detailed economic/financial study of a property development with the ability to browse different alternatives or versions.


It contemplates all of the current national and regional legislation and operates by contemplating different systems of development, diverse typologies and different schemes for purchasing the plot. There are also a wide range of tabulated parameters depending on the uses applicable to each case.

The result of the study is added to the BUDGETARY MONITORING module as a premise to be used for subsequent exploitation and monitoring.


  • Budgetary Monitoring

Analytic monitoring of the progress of projects, in terms of costs and expenses, as well as sales and revenues.


Presents reports comparing budgeted values and actual values, offering a dual viewpoint: accrual (economic rate) and cash flow (financial rate). Projects can be monitored without interruption even if they are spread over several years. There is also the possibility of exporting through dynamic tables, providing a multi-dimensional view of the reports.


  • Importing the feasibility study.
  • Budgetary model with coding of independent book entries, with multi-year accrual and cash-flow view.
  • Processes of costs-expenses and sales-revenues.
  • Correspondence between budget items and book accounts.
  • Queries and Reports (periodic and accrued budget control with Gantt chart of construction project planning and accrual/cash-flow comparison).


  • Dashboard

Facilitates the exploitation of numerous information sources available in Prinex, quickly and effectively turning them into real knowledge for decision-making.


The system provides a report console and accessible data model with standard tools: Excel, Crystal Reports, Impromptu, Power Play, etc.

It also contains “default templates” of queries and reports. There are two versions of this module: standard (with basic functionalities) and advanced (with an option for custom adaptations).



  • Business Intelligence

The Business Intelligence module allows you to gather the most relevant information that appears spread out over the various tables of the Prinex database into a group of new tables created for that purpose.



The objective of these new tables is that, when the reports created with Power BI or Jet Report are executed,, we can read directly from these tables that now have all the necessary data gathered to mount the report, instead of going through the old ones where each datum required is in a different table.

This also represents a considerable saving of time when it comes to editing the report.

The information in the new tables is updated through a planned process.


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Gestión Comercial

  • CRM
  • Publicación de Productos
  • Propuestas Comerciales
  • Ventas
  • Arrendamientos
  • Blanqueo de Capitales
  • Comisiones

Económico Financiera

  • Cuentas a Cobrar
  • Solicitud de Compras
  • Pedidos y Compras
  • Cuentas a Pagar
  • Contabilidad
  • Fuentes de Financiación
  • Tesorería
  • Juntas de Compensación
  • Gastos Corrientes
  • e-Factura

Prinex Apps

  • Prinex Analytics
  • Prinex WorkFlow
  • Prinex SIC
  • Prinex Posventa
  • Prinex Personalizaciones
  • Prinex Catálogo Interactivo
  • Prinex Portal del Proveedor


  • Presupuestos y Mediciones
  • Ofertas y Contrataciones
  • Ejecución
  • Producción y Consumos
  • Mano de obra y Maquinaria
  • Almacenes y Artículos
  • Certificaciones a Clientes

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We now have over 1.600 companies and over 10.000 users who have put their trust in our solutions to optimise their management and productivity

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