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Property Assets

Complete, effective control of all your organisation’s property
parcels of land, development promotions,unique assets,
independent properties, carparks…

Want to know what Prinex can bring to your organisation?


  • Inventory and Control

Get a complete view of the current situation showing all the property assets managed by your company.


Parcels of land, development promotions, unique assets, independent properties, carparks… the status of your company’s property assets is one click away, with information that is always up-to-date. In addition, its integration with the other Prinex modules (Leases, Sales, Accounting, Budget, Business Offers, Product Publications, etc.) and its navigation system will enable you to look deeper into the specific status (commercial situation, return on investment, facility management, detailed costs per asset, etc.) of each of them and gather detailed information about the asset to the point where you have a profit and loss account for each property.


  • Land Management

A bid control system for purchasing land managed by the developer.


Each piece of land registered in the module is listed in a file in which the dossier of the land is stored.


  • Register the identification details of the plot (owners, location of the property, uses and urban infrastructure status, etc.).
  • Monitor the economic forecasting of the land (prices, payment forecast, etc.).
  • See the legal information (charges, encumbrances, registration, cadastral information, etc.).
  • Get a breakdown of each project associated with the land.


  • Incidents and Reviews

Control and manage any type of anomaly found in the managed property asset, and monitor each incident through to closure.


Incidents can be entered from a smartphone and classified according to the work involved (building, plumbing, etc.), along with other factors such as urgency, repetition of the incident, etc. With the data collected, the system issues the job sheet for the repair. To provide information about quality levels of deliveries, it offers statistics of the volume of incidents and resolution times, all with various classification criteria. In combination with the Prinex WorkFlow module, it is possible to define monitoring circuits to control the status of incidents from beginning to end.


  • Recording of incidents (by owner or community). Issuance of job sheets.
  • Incident monitoring and closure processes.
  • Situation report of incidents and reviews.
  • Incident statistics (type of incident, average response time, etc.).


  • Improvements and Extensions

Include in sales transactions the budget information relating to alterations or changes to be made in the properties.


After they are accepted, these budgets are handled with their own payment method and can be queried together with the main sale.


  • Alterations budgets with the possibility of including predefined “alterations kits”.
  • Alterations incorporated into sales (for joint deeding).
  • Change of the value of completed alterations.
  • Situation report of improvements and extensions.
  • Annulments and cancellations of all events.

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Gestión Comercial

  • CRM
  • Publicación de Productos
  • Propuestas Comerciales
  • Ventas
  • Arrendamientos
  • Blanqueo de Capitales
  • Comisiones
  • Red Comercial (e-Ventas)

Económico Financiera

  • Cuentas a Cobrar
  • Solicitud de Compras
  • Pedidos y Compras
  • Cuentas a Pagar
  • Contabilidad
  • Fuentes de Financiación
  • Tesorería
  • Juntas de Compensación
  • Gastos Corrientes
  • e-Factura


  • Presupuestos y Mediciones
  • Ofertas y Contrataciones
  • Ejecución
  • Producción y Consumos
  • Mano de obra y Maquinaria
  • Almacenes y Artículos
  • Certificaciones a Clientes


  • Estudios de Viabilidad
  • Seguimiento Presupuestario
  • Cuadro de Mando
  • Inteligencia de Negocio

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At Prinex, we have worked tirelessly for 25 years to innovate and universalise technology for the property sector. We now have over 1,600 companies  and over 10,000 users who have put their trust in our solutions to optimise their management and productivity

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